Aftermath Tears through another Indie Game to make sure everyone understands whetever or not its worth a buy. Today: Ziggurat!
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Aftermath Explains to you fully why this game is or is not worth buying in a mere Minute.
This week around: Reign Maker! Check it out!

  • Posted on 2015/01/01
  • Written by John
  • Categories: PC, Reviews
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Aftermath presents 10 of the most iconic eastereggs of ALL TIME for you!
This list includes, but does not limit itself to: Doom , Maniac Mansion, Diablo II and Warcraft 3.
Why don’t you check it out?

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Today we learn that not every human is a “Markus Feenix”.

We also learn that Alien invasions can pack quite a punch and that you need a very witty mind to defeat them.

In Xenonauts, a direct XCom clone, you can test your own wits.

But is it a good test? Find out!

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Aftermath checks out Heroes and Generals, a Fairly new F2P MMO about the 2nd World war. Or is it? Lets find out together!


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