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If you are the same as me, you have been patiently awaiting  Behemoth Studios  follow-up to the extremely addictive, and genuinely peculiar gem Castle Crashers. Well it’s here and boy is it strange, but what would you expect from a company that once brought you a chase scene where a knight rides a diarrhea- ridden baby deer-back on a crap-fueled voyage through a sawmill. Battleblock starts aboard your super best friend, Hatty Hattington’s vessel of good times, the SS Friendship, with it packed to the brim  with with your next closest friends all ready for their typical happy afternoon excursion. It doesn’t take long for things to take a serious turn for the worse when the friends are cast ashore and you and your buddies are left as prisoners and participants in the newly possessed Hatty’s unethical theater of violence by the it’s catty inhabitants.

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