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Sometimes it seems that all game has to do is offer a solid laugh and a few power-ups to throw at your nemesis’, at least I think that is what CandyGun Games had in mind when scheming up Dollar Dash. The game throws you in the role of atypical lug-headed thug in his incredibly poor attempts to break big in the bank robbing biz. Our light-fingered protagonist quickly figures out the gig isn’t always what it’s “cracked up to be” as he battles against three other equally dim bandits as they do everything they can to throw a wrench in their rival masked marauders’ plans and land the big score. Dollar Dash is done in a Bomberman-esque top down fashion, and at first seems like it might be a nice place for a “bomber-fan” to spend a few hours. But after ten minutes anybody will be able to see how unfair the previous comparison would really be. Bomberman is a game that used its tight controls, fun, competitive gameplay and simple and easy to understand power-ups and turned it into a much-loved franchise , with passionate fans in the West and the East alike. Sadly, Dollar Dash, although it’s best efforts….proves to be the complete opposite.

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